Cultural events and day trips for groups at extra cost

Event/ Trip Rate/ Group ***
Jagran Gondhal ( Folk/religious singing) Rs. 2000
Bharud (Folk/Religious Singing and dancing) Rs. 2000
GajaNritya (Shepherd’s folk dance) Rs. 8000
Kambad Nritya (Tribal Dance) a fascinating 1.5 hour dance
performance by 22 Tribals from the Bhandardara
Forest Reserve by the Campfire
Rs. 18,000
Back water bird watching for a group of ten people Rs. 5000
Individual Rs. 500
Waterfalls around the area for a group of Ten People Rs. 3000
Individual Rs.300
Supa Wild Life sanctuary for a group of Ten People Rs. 3000

*** Rates may vary time to time so please contact on Mobile No. : Mr. Anand +91 9423570487, Mr. Krishna +91 9422302471