“In seventies , whole baramati tract was drought prone and agriculture was totally dependent on the vagaries of Monsoon. To save and utilize every drop of water was only way to save crop and cattle. Water conservation was need of the hour for subsistence and sustenance of livelihood. Training the farmers to adopt scientific package and practices in rainfed agriculture and dry land horticulture was also the imminent need to overcome the natural adversities. Considering all these factors I decided to establish Agricultural Development Trust in 1971. ”


“Agricultural Development Trust, Baramati (ADT) is known for excellence of education and its legacy devotion and culture. To fulfill the current needs of education in agricultural sector, ADT came out with establishment of College of Agriculture, Baramati in year 2003. The recent ranking of the College of Agricultural and Allied Science, Baramati is top among agricultural colleges of Maharashtra is a testimony to this fact. Along with regular courses college is also providing international courses designed to prepare the human resources for the vibrant and expanding agribusiness sector. The courses and international exposures equip the students with the knowledge, skills and provide exposure to act as a problem solver in the dynamic business environment. 
College of Agriculture and Allied Sciences, Baramati has highly qualified and dedicated faculty inculcating professionalism, positive attitude and sound academic knowledge and skill among students. Students of College have come from various states of the country. 
I invite to schedule your visit to the campus and assure you that it will be rewarding and enriching experience in your search for right talent.”