Welcome to Agricultural Development Trustís Agri and Eco Tourism, where you will see the beauty of nature and experience, firsthand what farming is all about. Whether you stay in our luxury tents or in our simple shared Guest rooms, you will be guaranteed tranquil and a different experience. Simple home cooked vegetarian meal, friendly staff, traditionalMaharashtrain folk performances, Camp fires, Winery visits, Farm visits are few of the thingswe offer at the farm.
Luxury Tents
Come and experience the joy of staying in a Luxury tents, surrounded by tall Palm trees. With no television and contact with the outside hectic world, you will be in your own paradise. The tents are clean and comfortable. The rates include Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner. There are 6 tents with a maximum capacity of 3 each. A group of 18 people can stay comfortable on a shared basis.
Shared Guest House
•  Shared, dormitory type rooms with max 4 beds/ room
•  Max capacity of 48 individuals
•  Common Bath and Toilet
•  The rates includes Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner.
•  The rates also include Guides to show around the farm